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Malibu Beach Houses For Rent | What To Bring

What To Bring

Congratulations! You have booked a week at our Malibu Beach House! Here are some things to bring with you to enhance your vacation in paradise!
  • Bathing suit
  • Slippers
  • Your favorite books and magazines for reading on our beachfront patio
  • Hiking shoes for hiking in Malibu
  • Running shoes
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Cell phone charger
  • Sweater for when the weather cools at night
  • Flip flops for walks along the beach
  • Suntan lotion so you can work on your tan safely
  • Your favorite movie to watch at night curled up on our extra large couch
  • Workout clothes - the beach is the perfect place to go running or walking
  • Spending money - for all the shopping at Malibu's A-List boutiques
  • Sunglasses - Malibu has 338 days of sunshine each year!
  • Your Ipod - our stereo has an Ipod hookup so that for you to play your favorite Songs
  • A journal to record your thoughts and feelings while staying at the beach house; most people find being near the ocean cultivates their creativity
  • A fancy dress or dinner jacket - for dining at Malibu and Santa Monica's many upscale restaurants.
  • Camera - for photographing the amazing Malibu views
  • Comfortable sandals
  • Your laptop - our beach house has wireless internet throughout
  • A video camera to document your incredible Malibu adventures
  • A portable stroller to take the little ones on long Malibu walks
  • Beach toys for the kids to play in the sand
  • Hats/Visors - to protect your face from the sun
  • A beach cover up - it's what all the celebs are wearing!
  • Your address book - you will want to send your friends postcards telling them all about your Malibu adventures
  • An autograph book - you might just run into your favorite celebrity
  • A beach blanket - for beachside picnics